Ownership Information

If you own a home or are considering purchasing a home at CBTYC be sure to familiarize yourself with these documents:

Registered Restrictive Covenants:

Renter Information

If you are renting a home here at CBTYC, please be sure to familiarize yourself with these rules & regulations: Trash & Recycling

Please dispose of all trash and recyclables in the designated garbage area. The dumpsters are for household waste only.

Be sure to sort your recyclable items carefully and place in the appropriate bin. Containers such as plastics, cans, metals, glass and polystyrene go in the “blue bin”. Items such as paper, cardboard, boxboard and bundled plastic bags go in the “grey box” side of the trash area.

If you are unsure which items go in which area please see the Niagara Region Waste Collection site for more details. It will assist you in an easy search and direct you where to dispose of your item.

Yard waste can be disposed of for composting in the opening in the fencing between the dumpsters. Large items and hazardous waste are to be disposed of by the homeowner or renter at the Bridge St. Waste Depot in Fort Erie.



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