The best spot on the south coast to live Canadians and Americans living together as one cbtyc is a very special place because of all the people.
Resident on Promenade 

We Love the Canadians!
Resident on Nantuckett
I love Crystal Beach and the snow.
Resident on Newport

I love being so close to the beach because we're on vacation everyday, once we cross the bridge. Some of our best friends are here.
Resident on Newport 

I love living here because it reminds me of Crystal Beach (Park). It's great for my grandchildren, it's safe, the beach is shallow and the people are great!
Resident on Newport

Crystal Beach has been a part of my history since I was a very young child.  My parents met each other on this beach.  We spent weeks  here in grade school, visits to the Amusement Park  in high school, dancing to big bands in college. Now we still enjoy this  beach with our children and grandchildren.
Resident on Promanade

Sense of calm and getting away. Friends and family. Kids are safe and many eyes watching to make sure it happens.
Resident on Newport

From the kids of CBTYC and why they like it:

"Because I made the best friends I ever met."
“Great wifi and Canadian Netflix is great.”  
"Lots of space to do stuff."

It's peace and quiet and relaxing with people that are very kind.
Resident on Mariners 

We spent our childhood years hear. We still buy the suckers that no one else can touch but me and even take them to Florida with us.
Resident on Nantuckett 

You can't take a walk without stopping to talk to people.
Resident on Nantuckett

We love our beach family and Sunday night wing special at South Coast.
Resident on Newport 

Friendly neighbourhood to walk around and talk to every one.
Resident on Nantuckett 

I feel relaxed the minute I get over the bridge, a little slice of heaven .... year round.
Resident on Nantuckett 

I love to sit and relax and socialize with friends and have a few.
Resident on Nantuckett 

Lived here for 22 years and and it gets better each year. I like being here even more then my Florida home.
Resident on Promenade


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